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Stair lifts help people stay in the home they love, even when they cannot walk up and down stairs anymore. We researched the best stair lifts in Indianapolis to help find the right stair chair lift to maintain your independence and age in place safely.

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Bruno Independent Living Aids
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Family owned
  • Indoor & outdoor stair lifts
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand-crafted with care for performance & dependability

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Indianapolis, IN
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Stannah Stairlifts
Overall satisfaction rating
  • High-value stair lifts with cost-conscious options
  • Serving customers for over 150 years
  • Customizable models
  • Straight, curved & outdoor stair lifts

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Lifeway Mobility
  • Straight, curved & outdoor stair lifts
  • Rental and pre-owned options
  • Free consultations
  • Professional installation available

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Lifts for any need
  • Various models available
  • Outdoor straight & curved stair lifts
  • Ceiling lift installation

Handicare has healthcare roots going back to the 19th century and has been installing stairlifts since the early 1960s. The company now works with 1300 partners and dealers around the world, about half of which operate in the United States and Canada. Their products provide safe and reliable ways for individuals with physical challenges to get up and down stairs.

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Benefits of stair chair lifts in Indianapolis


Installing a stair chair lift lets seniors and people with injuries or disabilities overcome the danger and difficulty of navigating stairs. Stair chair lifts allow people with reduced mobility to stay in their multistory homes instead of moving to an assisted living facility.

How to choose stair lifts in Indianapolis

The two most critical decisions buyers make when looking for a stair chair lift are choosing a straight or curved track and a seated or standing posture.

Type Description Cost
Straight stair lift
  • Takes the user directly up and down stairs in a straight line
  • Fits onto the stairs or either side of the staircase, reducing the need for home modifications
  • Most common option
Curved stair lift
  • Moves along the stairs following curves, turns or landingsNeeds custom fitting to the specific dimensions of the user’s staircase
Over $10,000
Seated stair lift
  • The user sits in a chair, with a cushioned seat, footrest and armrests when using the lift
  • Controls are easily accessible from the sitting position
  • Some stair lift chairs fold away when not in use
Standing stair lift
  • Has a platform to stand on and armrests or handlebars to hold while the lift moves
  • Also called a perched stair lift

Optional stair chair lift features include custom colors, adjustable seats, movement sensors, remote controls, swivel capability and outdoor weatherproofing.

Before you purchase a stair chair lift for yourself or a loved one, ask a stair lift seller these questions:

  • Does the stair chair lift have a battery backup?
  • Is there a weight limit?
  • Is installation included in the price?
  • How often is the stair chair lift maintained? By whom?
  • What are the safety features?
  • Is there an emergency stop function?
  • Do you train buyers how to use the stair chair lift?

Finally, consult stair lift reviews to learn what other consumers have to say about the product.

How much does a stair lift cost in Indianapolis?

In Indianapolis, you’ll usually spend between $2,000 and $10,000 depending on the length of your stairs and the complexity of your staircase. Most straight stair chair lifts covering 10-14 steps cost less than $5,000, but a lift for a longer staircase that curves costs more than $10,000.

Optional features affect the price as well. If you need a lift that accommodates more than 300 pounds, the price goes up, and features such as lighted armrests and speed control also add to the cost.

Many companies include the price of installation in the initial quote, but check to make sure. Especially large lifts may raise the installation cost, and, if an Indianapolis electrician has to install an outlet, it will cost an extra several hundred dollars.

Does medicare cover stair lifts?

Medicare does not consider stair chair lifts to be durable medical equipment, so it will not cover your Indianapolis stair chair lift. However, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you might have coverage. Most health insurance companies categorize stair chair lifts as uncovered home modifications, but, with a physician’s order, you might be able to get financial assistance.

Organizations like Rebuilding Together help military veterans with stair lift costs, as does the Department of Veterans Affairs. There are also state programs in Indianapolis, such as the CHOICE Program which helps with home modifications and accessibility issues for seniors and people with disabilities.

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Bruno Independent Living Aids

Bruno is a family-owned company providing indoor and outdoor stair lifts as well as scooter and power chair lifts. Free quotes are available online, and Bruno has more than six dealers in the Indianapolis area. Factory-trained technicians install and maintain any Bruno product under warranty. Stair lift reviews praise the company’s convenient products and installation.

Bruno Independent Living Aids

Stannah Stairlifts

Stannah Stairlifts’ products have been helping people with mobility issues for 150 years, and, in that time, the company has installed more than 750,000 stair lifts. Customers appreciate Stannah’s rental options and expert installers.

Stannah Stairlifts Learn More (617) 855-1809

Lifeway Mobility

Lifeway Mobility sells stair lifts from Bruno, Handicare, Savaria, Harmar and Hawle in addition to other mobility products, including wheelchair lifts, elevators, ramps, baths, showers and transfer aids. Stair lifts are available for indoor staircases, outdoor staircases and curved staircases. Lifeway provides free in-home or remote consultations, and professional installation is available in Indianapolis.

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Handicare helps Indianapolis residents choose the stair chair lift that’s right for their home and customize it, so it’s perfect for their lifestyle. This company makes both curved and straight stair chair lifts with several optional features. Handicare has dealers in Indianapolis, and stair lift reviews indicate highly-satisfied customers.

Handicare Learn More