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Find the Best Hot Tubs in Indianapolis, IN

Few things are as soothing as soaking in a hot tub, particularly when the temperature drops as winter approaches. Hot tubs can reduce inflammation and speed the recovery process for active people and the elderly, and they can provide the perfect place to spend time with family and friends. We researched the best hot tubs in Indianapolis to help you find the perfect one.

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How to choose a hot tub in Indianapolis

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Hot tubs can work like a wonder drug: Buoyancy eases the pressure on joints and tendons, and heat stimulates blood flow and eases muscle strain. Therapeutic jets provide massage and encourage the release of pain-killing endorphins. Studies suggest that soaking in a hot tub can also relieve stress, lower blood pressure, reduce arthritis pain, promote weight loss and treat symptoms from medical conditions such as fibromyalgia.

A quality hot tub in Indianapolis can cost from $3,000 to $20,000, depending on the features, how many people it seats and the materials used for the shell. Common materials include:

  • Vinyl: While vinyl is an inexpensive and lightweight material, it’s also easily damaged and not energy efficient.
  • Rotomolded plastic: Rotomolded plastic is a common material for hot tubs. It’s affordable and durable, but rotomolded shells won’t hold heat as well as other materials.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic is one of the most popular materials for hot tub shells because it’s durable and holds water heat well—especially when used with a foam liner.

If your doctor prescribes a swimming pool to help with a medical condition, it’s possible your insurance will cover the cost of a small, therapeutic tub. Check with your insurance provider to see if your coverage will help pay for a hot tub.

Installing a hot tub in Indianapolis

Similar to swimming pools, the City of Indianapolis and Marion County regulate hot tub construction and require a permit for any in-ground or above-ground pool deeper than 18 inches or wider than 15 feet. The regulations also specify where a hot tub can be placed. As a rule of thumb, a hot tub needs:

  • A flat space in the yard, at least 10 feet from overhead power lines and five feet from the tub's electric panels
  • Proper drainage for water that splashes over the side
  • For larger hot tubs, a dedicated 240-volt circuit protected with a ground fault circuit interrupter to minimize electrocution risk

Installing a hot tub can be complicated, and having it professionally installed can save you from future problems and protect your new purchase. Many dealers in Indianapolis have hot tubs technicians that can install your hot tub for you and ensure it complies with local codes.

Your dealer may also be able to provide ongoing maintenance for your hot tub, but if you choose to do the maintenance yourself, ask your dealer for tips and see if the company does free water testing to check chemical levels.

Hot Tubs Reviews

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ThermoSpas has a wide selection of hot tub models that seat up to eight adults and use between 25 and 172 water jets. The popular Park Avenue model includes a reversible lounge, which allows two people to enjoy a reclining water massage simultaneously. Customers in Indianapolis appreciate the quality and affordability of ThermoSpas’ tubs.

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Master Spas is the world’s largest manufacturer of swim spas and one of the largest hot tub manufacturers in the nation. The company’s hot tubs come with Icynene foam insulation to help keep the hot tub’s water from losing heat when the temperature drops. Customers in Indianapolis enjoy the meticulous design of the tubs.

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Recreation Unlimited

Recreation Unlimited offers luxury hot tubs and discount spas at factory-direct prices. The dealership sells hot tubs from multiple manufacturers and has more than 40 models available in its showroom. Indianapolis customers write that they enjoy shopping at the Recreation Unlimited showroom, which has basketball courts and jungle gyms.

Recreation Unlimited

Royal Spa

Royal Spa has nearly 30 years of experience in the industry. The company’s hot tubs include standard and hybrid models designed in consultation with physicians to treat customers suffering from chronic pain. Customers in Indianapolis recommend the company for its craftsmanship, customer service and installation staff.

Royal Spa