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Is there anything more important than keeping your home safe? Crime in Indianapolis has been rising since 2016. When it comes to protecting your property and family, home security systems provide a range of services to keep you safe. We researched the best home security systems in Indianapolis to help you choose what works best for your situation.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Indianapolis
  • Three security packages
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Theft protection guarantee
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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Professional installation
  • Burglary detection
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Smart home control

Monthly monitoring fees start from $19.99 per month to $29.99-plus per month. Professional installation from $49 to $199. Typical contract is 60 months; month-to-month available with upfront equipment purchase. Custom plans and packages available.

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Protect America
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Smartphone alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Wireless video camera
  • Price match guarantee

Monitored plans start at $19.99/month plus a one-time $19.95 activation fee. Systems require DIY installation and 36-month contract. Available equipment includes Z-Wave hubs, smart locks, glass-break sensors and wireless cameras.

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Cove Security
  • Customize and order your system online
  • 60-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • Easy DIY install: no wiring, no drilling
  • Available in Indianapolis
Serves residents in.
Indianapolis, IN
(855) 268-3669
Guardhouse Security Services
  • Free security assessment
  • Starting at $23.95/month
  • Remote arming system
  • Free smoke monitoring
4555 Allisonville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46205
(317) 662-2162
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Circle City Security Systems
  • Starting at $35.00/month
  • Real-time monitoring
  • 3 security plan options
  • Interactive systems
5355 E. 38th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46218
(317) 542-7087
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Indiana Alarm
  • M-F: 8am - 5pm
  • Closed Sat and Sun
  • in-alarm.com
8727 Commerce Park Pl., Ste. I
Indianapolis, IN 46268
(317) 399-5748
  • M-F: 9am - 11pm
  • Sat-Sun: 9am - 9pm
  • protechthome.com
9801 Fall Creek Rd., Ste. 180
Indianapolis, IN 46256
(800) 620-8544
All About Security
  • Open 24 hours
  • allaboutyoursecurity.com
1111 East 54th St., Ste. 113
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 559-3500
Guardian Protection Services
Overall satisfaction rating
  • M-F: 6am - 12am
  • Sat-Sun: 7am - 12am
  • guardianprotection.com

Monthly rates start at $45.99 per month. Requires $149 equipment purchase. Professional installation included in all packages. Contracts typically 60 months with financing. Month-to-month options available.

8902 Vincennes Cir., E
Indianapolis, IN 46268
(855) 779-2001
Nelson Alarm
  • M-F: 8am - 5pm
  • Closed Sat and Sun
  • nelsonalarm.com
2602 E. 55th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 255-2125
Hoosier Security
  • M-F: 9am - 5pm
  • Closed Sat and Sun
  • hoosiersecurity.com
1125 Brookside Ave., Ste. B2
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 644-0570
OnGuard Security Solutions
  • M-F: 8am - 8pm
  • Sat: 9am - 5pm
  • Closed Sun
  • weareonguard.com
6330 E. 75th St., Ste. 120
Indianapolis, IN 46250
(317) 572-5777
General Alarm
  • M-F: 8am - 5pm
  • Closed Sat and Sun
  • genalarm.com
8227 NW Blvd., Ste. 270
Indianapolis, IN 46278
(317) 925-8915
Multiguard Corporation
  • Hours unavailable
  • multiguard.com
2910 N. Mitthoeffer Pl.
Indianapolis, IN 46229
(317) 844-8116

Home security in Indianapolis: DIY vs. professional installation

Indy skyline

When choosing a home alarm system, there are many things to consider, but one of the most important is your installation preference. Typical options include DIY installation, which is typically wireless and easy to install, and professional installation, in which a technician installs security cameras and monitoring devices for you.

DIY home security systems are simpler and easier to add to your house while professional installation calls for a more thorough but complicated setup. With either option, home security companies offer a variety of features, including wireless security cameras, smartphone integration and 24/7 monitoring.

The best home security systems in Indianapolis let you customize your experience within your budget. For instance, Frontpoint lets you design the system you need online, and they will send you equipment geared towards those needs. Installation is up to you, but the company has online resources and videos.

Vivint, on the other hand, only offers professional installation. While you can still customize your package, their workers will come set up your entire system, and then teach you how to use it.

If you plan to move, a national company like Protect America will help move your security system with you—so no matter where you go, you are still protected.

Alarm permits and fines for false alarms

Unlike other major cities, Indianapolis does not require any permits to install a home security system. Other municipalities like Speedway and Lawrence do, but permit costs are low. Find links to permits here for Speedway and here for Lawrence.

On the other hand, false alarms for home security systems in Indianapolis can be costly. One false alarm results in a written warning, but subsequent false alarms carry fines from $50 to $200, depending on the number per calendar year. The goal of these fines is to minimize wasted resources from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD).

However, the false alarm ordinance has exceptions. Alarm systems that alert the company first, at which point they notify the police after verifying the alarm is real, are not subject to these fines. Home alarm systems set up this way don’t contact IMPD unless a real threat materializes. If you are worried about incurring fines from false alarms, this type of home security system is a better choice.

Crime in Indianapolis

From 2016 to 2017, the FBI reported a seven percent increase in the number of violent crimes in Indianapolis. The big jump, compared to a 4.9 percent increase nationwide, has given Indy an overall unsafe rating on neighborhoodscout.com, which uses data from local law enforcement. On a scale of 1 to 100 (safest), Indy scores a two, meaning it is one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

Property crime is also common. About 12 burglaries are reported per 1,000 people, which is 2.5 times the national average. In the first half of 2018, there were 9,500 reported cases of theft, burglary and robbery. That means 1 out of 21 Indianapolis residents is a victim of property crime.

Property crime in Indianapolis vs. similar sized cities

Location Property crime rate Property crimes Population
Indianapolis, IN .57% 4,796 846,674
Charlotte, NC .51% 4,098 808,834
Columbus, OH .49% 4,070 837,038
Jacksonville, FL .42% 3,582 856,616
Note: Based on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting from 2016

Some neighborhoods are safer than others: Acton and Wanamaker on the Southeast side, and Camby on the Southwest side, all score high on the safety scale.

However, crime increases the more you move inward to downtown Indy, making many neighborhoods in this area unsafe. The downtown areas of Washington Street, near Sherman Drive and Southeastern Avenue, have particularly high crime rates. The Ben Davis area is also a high-crime area, even though it is surrounded by safer neighborhoods like Valley Mill and Mooresville.

While you can’t prevent all risk of crime, a home security system in Indy gives you and your family a layer of protection against property crime.

Indianapolis Home Security Systems Reviews


ADT offers customizable home security systems with a six-month money-back guarantee. Choose from three packages to get features such as intrusion detection, fire and carbon monoxide monitoring, voice control integration, video surveillance and smart home automation. The Control app gives you remote access of your system when you're away from home. ADT packages come with professional installation and 24/7 monitoring. Contact ADT for offers and a free quote in Indianapolis.

ADT Learn More


Vivint has an excellent reputation for equipment and the highest-rated app in security systems. They are one of the more expensive options, but offer a wide range of equipment (including a glass-break sensor) and easy home automation. Professional installation is required. Many Indy reviewers report that customer service is poor.

Vivint Learn More

Protect America

Protect America is one of the top-rated security companies. With little or no money upfront and reasonable monthly fees, you can get a range of services, including window and door sensors, a monitoring panel and smartphone app. It’s a DIY installation, but most reviews compliment the excellent customer service.

Protect America

Guardhouse Security Services

Guardhouse Security is a locally owned and operated business serving the Indianapolis area since 1994. They offer a Home Security Assessment, which helps determine what sort of plans and equipment you need. If you are building a house, Guardhouse can work with your contractor to design a customized security system.

Guardhouse Security Services

Circle City Security Systems

Circle City Security Systems combines big-name services with small-town familiarity. They offer a wide range of services, including live video monitoring, GPS tracking and home automation—all controlled from an app. They are universally praised for their competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Circle City Security Systems