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Find the Best Dental Insurance in Indianapolis, IN

Between the deductibles, copays, coinsurance and exclusions, choosing dental benefits can be about as much fun as, well, a trip to the dentist. But you’ll be happy you have coverage once the bill comes due. We researched the best dental insurance in Indianapolis to learn who offers strong plans at affordable prices.

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  • Unlimited annual use
  • No deductibles

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  • Plans for different needs & budgets
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How to choose dental insurance in Indianapolis


Oral health and overall well-being are closely connected, but dental care is expensive. To lower out-of-pocket costs, many people buy dental insurance.

With dental insurance in Indianapolis, you pay little to nothing for preventive care, which includes regular visits for checkups, cleanings and X-rays. Dental insurance also gives you financial protection in case you need treatment for tooth decay, gum disease or other conditions.

Here’s a list of what dental insurance commonly does and doesn’t cover.

Covers Doesn’t cover
Routine exams, cleanings, X-rays Orthodontics
Fillings and crowns Mouthguards, bruxism appliances
Nonsurgical and surgical extractions Teeth whitening
Root canals TMJ disorders
Bridges Cosmetic procedures
Dentures Prescription drugs

When choosing dental insurance in Indianapolis, ask these questions to find the right plan:

  • What dentists can I visit? Plans differ in their networks of providers. A preferred provider organization (PPO) plan gives you more benefits if you visit an in-network dentist. An indemnity plan lets you see any dentist. A dental health maintenance organization plan (DHMO) covers you only if you stay in network.
  • How much do I pay out of pocket? Most plans require you to pay very little or nothing out of pocket for preventive care. In a PPO or indemnity plan, you may have a deductible to meet and then and pay coinsurance (a percentage of the cost of a covered service). A DHMO plan requires fixed payment amounts based on the service.
  • Is there an annual maximum benefit? Unlike health insurance, dental insurance plans may have a cap on yearly benefits. The amount usually ranges from $1,000 - $3,000.
  • Are there waiting periods? Benefits for nonpreventive care may not begin until waiting period(s) have passed. Different waiting periods often apply to different classes of services. They range from six to 12 months or longer.

You can also consider a dental savings plan, which is different from health insurance. By becoming a member, you get discounts of up to 60 percent within a large network of dentists. Dental savings plans cost less than dental insurance, but there is no cost-sharing; you are responsible for 100 percent of the bill.

How much is dental insurance in Indianapolis?

Several factors determine the cost of dental insurance in Indianapolis:

  • Age
  • Tobacco use
  • Type of plan/level of coverage
  • Whether the policy is for one person or multiple people

An individual plan for a 40-year-old who doesn’t use tobacco costs $15 - $50 per month, on average. A family of four pays between $50 and $170 monthly. Dental savings plans start at $100 annually for an individual and $150 for a family.

Whether you choose dental insurance for more comprehensive coverage or a dental savings plan for cash discounts, be sure to read over the terms carefully before signing up. If there are parts you don’t understand, ask company representatives.

Dental Insurance Reviews


1Dental.com offers two different dental savings plans in Indianapolis. Activate a membership in less than five minutes and start saving 15 - 60 percent today at over 100,000 access points across the U.S. There are no restrictions on pre-existing dental conditions and caps on annual savings. 1Dental.com includes a vision plan as well. Customers give the company positive reviews for helpful and friendly customer service.



Choose a dental savings plan from DentalPlans.com, and start saving 10 - 60 percent on dental care right away. Indianapolis customers have over 20 options for individual and family plans, with no restrictions on pre-existing dental conditions. The company matches competitor plans and lets you switch plans anytime. Reviewers have been satisfied with their discounts from DentalPlans.com, which has had over 1 million members since 1999.



UnitedHealthcare, one of the largest health insurers in the U.S., also offers stand-alone dental coverage in Indianapolis. Getting a quote and applying is fast and easy, with no maximum age limits. Dental plans, available for all needs and budgets, cover preventive care with no deductible and no waiting period. Basic and major services are also covered. Customers say they feel financially protected with dental insurance from UnitedHealthcare.