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Find the Best Car Insurance Companies in Indianapolis, IN

Indiana, like most states, requires that every driver have car insurance. It’s the best way to guarantee that you will be covered in a collision. And with about 30,000 accidents in Indy every year, it’s vital that you are protected. Cost, coverage and customer service are important factors in choosing insurance. We researched the best car insurance in Indianapolis, so you can find the company that is right for you.

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How to choose a car insurance company in Indianapolis

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Car insurance rates can vary based on personal factors, such as age and driving record. Where you live plays a role, too. Urban areas have more drivers, which leads to more accidents. Some companies consider the rate of crime in your ZIP code, including thefts, vandalism and even insurance fraud, to determine how risky you are to insure. Trends in severe weather may also affect rates because storms can damage vehicles.

Indiana has a lower average car insurance premium of $1,021 per year than the national average of $1,318 per year. Even better news for Indy drivers: Rates in the capital are much lower than rates around the state.

In downtown Indianapolis, the average rate is a bit higher than surrounding areas. Rates stay higher on the east side; however, the southeast side of Indianapolis dips lower. This area (Acton and Wanamaker, for example) is one of the safest in the city, and has more rural roads with little traffic congestion, which contributes to the lower rate.

Location Annual premium
Downtown Indianapolis (46202) $484
Englewood (46201) $470
Acton, Wanamaker (46259) $448
Lawrence (46226) $469
Speedway (46224) $462
Avon (46123) $440
Note: Rates based on a 40-year-old male for liability coverage only

Indiana requires car insurance for all drivers. The minimum requirement is liability insurance. You need to have liability coverage for bodily injury ($25,000/person and $50,000/accident with multiple injuries) and property damage ($25,000/accident). This doesn’t cover damage to your vehicle. It’s recommended to add more coverage, such as comprehensive insurance, to make sure you are fully protected.

The law also demands coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists. This is especially important in Indiana, which ranks eighth in the nation in uninsured motorists. Nearly 17 percent of Hoosier drivers don’t have insurance. Despite that, Indy rates remain on the low side, and well below the national average.

Auto insurance is a competitive business, and your options can be overwhelming. Use these selected companies with overall positive reviews to help you choose the best car insurance in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Car Insurance Reviews


Progressive agents are found throughout the city, but most are located on the extreme north or the extreme south parts of the city. Individual agents that represent Progressive have mostly favorable reviews. While customer service is the biggest complaint, they have low, competitive prices that may be worth it to careful drivers looking for coverage.

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Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has one location on the southside of Indy, plus a business office on the northside. Reviews are positive, both from people who have worked there and people who use them for insurance. While some comment that quotes are high, the consensus is that this is a solid business with great customer support.

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The General

The General Car Insurance is a national agency that covers pretty much anyone—regardless of driving record. It’s a good choice for high-risk drivers or those with a history of accidents who struggle to get insurance elsewhere. However, their customer service and claims response are worse than other providers, according to reviewers in the region.

The General

Access Auto Insurance

Access Auto Insurance has branches on all sides of the city, so no matter where you live, you can get to an office. They guarantee that you can get a free quote and sign up for insurance on the same day. With different locations and a user-friendly website, you can interact in-person or online to get coverage.

Access Auto Insurance


With locations on the north, south, east and west side of the city, InsureOne is available for in-person consultation. You can also apply for a quote online. Reviews are positive for customer service and affordability. If you are looking for a local company, InsureOne is an excellent choice.